Use Cases

autopew is designed for easy referencing between analytical equipment and/or images. This allows users to easily transfer between techniques such as electron probe, laser ablation, scanning electron microscope or other imaging techniques. autopew will allow consistent measurements of the same grains via different techniques and give spatial context to chemical data.


There are a number of use cases that autopew is suited for:

Two Sets of Points

E.g. coordinates from stages This case is for transfer between various stage coordinate system (e.g. electron probe and laser ablation) which can allow for measurement of the same grain with different techniques.

What you need:

  • X,Y coordinates of the points you wish to analyse
  • at least 3 points in the new coordinate system
image of coordinate transform between two sets of points

autopew can translate points with rotation, and shear.

Image and Set of Points

If you have high resolution microscope images or images from other sources such as X-ray fluorescence mapping you can use pixel coordinates and convert the chosen points to the new stage coordinates.

This allows you to pick phases for analysis before your analytical session without reducing the analytical time wasted on locating and programming the coordinates of the phases of interest.

You can also mark analytical locations on a large image to give context information to the microanalysis by converting stage coordinates to pixel coordinates.

What you need:

  • an image of high enough resolution to identify the target phases
  • 3 points in the new coordinate system that you can recognise on the image

Two Images

in development

See the contributions page on how to contribute.

This allows the pixel coordinates from one image to be translated into the pixel coordinates in a second image. This is useful if you need to overlay two images such as an x-ray fluorescence image over a reflected light images

What you need:

  • two images you wish to overlay
  • 3 features you can recognise on both images