Output Types

The output types can be edited to suit the equipment you wish to use. The current output of coordinates are designed for the following analytical equipment.

Laser Ablation system

The .scancsv current output is compatible with a Photonmachines (Teledyne) laser running on Chromium. This allows for rapid input of X,Y coordinates into the laser system with spot labels either read from the source file, or numbered sequentially.

Currently all other settings; including fine focus (z), spot size and laser conditions need to be changed manually after import into the laser.


The .pos files for the JEOL field-emission gun electron probe microanalyser (EPMA) using “probe for EPMA” software. A default z value can be assigned for each export however fine focus will need to be changed manually.


Work in Progress

Use of the TESCAN SEM system allows input and output of .XML format coordinates. Currently only allows export and import of a single .xml file per sample. Multiple samples in a single .xml file is in development.

This export type does not include labels for points.

Focus is set per sample and needs to be manually adjusted for each analysis location.

Adding New IO Functionality

New file types can be configured around the autopew.io.PewIOSpecification interface, as have been done for the above instruments. These will be automatically registered as file handlers where the file extension is unique. For example, see the soure code specification for autopew.io.PewSCANCSV which includes a function for reading .scancsv files into a consistent format and outputting data from that format into .scancsv files.