Getting Started


This page is under construction. Feel free to send through suggestions or questions.

Set up

To use this software you need in install Python. Anaconda is a great way to install python and included popular software for editing and interacting with python script such as Spyder and Jupyter.


See also


For in depth installation processes see the page above. For most purposes you should be able to install autopew by typing the following in a terminal (“Anaconda Prompt” application on your computer if you’re using Anaconda)

pip install autopew

If you’re already installed autopew and would like the most up-to-date version, type this into a terminal:

pip install --upgrade autopew

Writing and editing code

autopew is designed to be very beginner friendly, but if you’re completely new to python consider visiting some free online courses about the basic Python concepts. Codecademy is a great jumping off point.